KAM Technical Company Limited (name in English is: KAM Technical Company Limited, abbreviated KAM Tech Co., Ltd.) established on March 12, 2012, is a professional contractor in the fields of design advisor, supply and installation of electrical and mechanical system for industrial constructions

Since our establishment, we have been serving many companies from Japan as well as many other countries.

In KAM Tech, we have staff with good experience, suitable for each project, in order to meet the diverse needs of customers for projects: air conditioning systems, plumbing systems, fire hydrant systems , utility systems, renovation and maintenance services, electrical equipment systems, ...

Our management system is experienced and high-quality staff, having been educated and trained in Japan, the technical advisor is Japanese, we understand our client's needs and provide them with  reassurance, security and comfort.

Through our company's activities, we acknowledge the happiness of our business' supporters with good service, low price, and good quality.

We will carry on to be a company where we can live as a family with a smile so that our employees can truly desire to work.

Create a dynamic, creative, professionally competent, dedicated to work environment, always in solidarity to create strength as the foundation for the strong development of the company

With the definition of "people are the property and the strength of the company", we build a team of professional staff and workers.

During our formation and development, K AM Tech specially focused on recruiting highly qualified and experienced personnel to train them regularly to maintain a core team, to good service to customers.

Besides traditional clients, we always try to find more new clients to expand the market and contribute to the sustainable development of the company.

Quality guideline/品質方針

Quality guideline/品質方針

1.Thorough quality control (confirmation of work method, thorough check)
2.Respond promptly and politely to customers, corporate partners and material suppliers
3.Follow the Report-Contact-Discussion process quickly and accurately
4.Focus on training subordinates (imparting experiences and knowledge to young people)
5.Deep understanding of the profession (always thinking about why I have to do these jobs)



Business is not about making a profit for myself, but about creating customers and the happiness of our employees. We define that "Enterprises must bring happiness and increase happiness for those who stick together, contributing to building the business." An enterprise where employees feel happier both physically and mentally, thereby contributing more to society.


To bring to customers the best quality products on schedule with sustainable usage values and reasonable prices to satisfy customers' expectations. Create a friendly, safe and comfortable working environment for employees.


Creating and innovating business with differences Building a positive working environment in the Company Listening to customers' voices Developing human resources Business by mobilizing collective intelligence Cooperation and consensus